In order to maintain a more biblical doctrinal position, a small group of people left a former denominational connection to begin Fellowship Bible Church on May 10, 1964. It was a bright sunny day when 22 of us met for our first church service in a sun porch on Massachusetts Avenue in North Andover. We were full of enthusiasm for Christ. Having left a fully equipped church building, we now had only a small chord organ, and some hymnbooks donated by Marsh Corner Church. While we had nothing by way of material goods, God was with us and began to undertake for us in a marvelous way.

Others soon joined us, and within three weeks we had to relocate into the town’s Grange Hall. For five years we labored there, increasing to 70 people, until God enabled us to purchase property at the corner of routes 125 and 114. Souls were saved and enthusiasm remained high. Our faithful people gave sacrificially, making it possible for us to build our sanctuary and first wing. They worked hard, witnessed, and brought in their friends to hear the preaching of God’s Word.

We held Bible discussion groups in various homes, and in 1966 we began broadcasting to the community of Greater Lawrence. We kept visiting, pastoring, witnessing, and our numbers increased until the sanctuary was at capacity. In the meantime, we were training men for the ministry so that as time went on, God called several of them to serve Him elsewhere. Our Sunday School needed more space so we added another wing to the building in 1977.

By 1979 God led us to begin Fellowship Bible School (now Fellowship Christian Academy) with a full complement of grades from K4 to High School. Our school is designed to minister to both the educational and spiritual needs of our children and young people.

By 1980 the Lord led us to begin Fellowship Bible Mission, having in view the establishment of new Bible churches in New England. In 1985 it was necessary to hold two morning services to accommodate our people. In 1988 we began holding services in Spanish as well as English.

In 1995 the church (and school) moved to our current location in Methuen. God once more undertook mightily in the sale and purchase of property and blessed us abundantly with a wonderful new facility. People have variously come and gone through the years, but presently we have about 300 people upholding the testimony of Christ in this area through the ministry of the Fellowship Bible Church.

We invite you to think about joining us in this great labor. We have a faithful Bible teaching ministry in all areas of our work. You will help us to make history for Christ as you learn with us, and serve to the glory of His name. We need people who will believe God, who will have courage and stand with us, who will be teachable and available, and who will have a heart for the things of God. There is no greater reason to live on this earth than to live for the glory of Jesus Christ and to help others come to know Him as Savior. We are sold on that concept, and we encourage you to prayerfully consider worshipping our great God with us.